Camino de Santiago

My passport to Santiago de Compostela

My passport to Santiago de Compostela

On August 19, 2013 I set off from Vezelay, a small hilltop town in Burgundy, France. I had a backpack with a change of underwear, an extra pair of clean socks, a few shirts, a toothbrush, and my laptop. I was a thousand miles from my destination, Santiago de Compostela, and although I knew that this journey would change me, its profound impact was unfathomable as I took my first feeble step. Exactly 9 weeks later, I set foot in Santiago with a boatload of memories and the knowledge that Life is truly A Camino. From this page you can access every single post I made on the Camino–in chronological order :)–and witness for yourself the life-changing effects it had on me. If you are curious about doing it, I urge you to, and hope that my story will be the final push you need to begin your Camino!

August 19: Crossing Through Burgundy

August 20: From Glorious Vezelay to Charming Varzy & A Lot of Nowhere in Between

August 22: Through Forests and Fields: Day 3 of the Camino de Santiago

August 23: Exploring Bourges by Couch

August 25: Why is a Sephardic Jew Walking the Camino de Santiago?

August 26: “Auto-Stopping” The Camino de Santiago in Val de Creuse

August 28: Ascending Arboreal Cliffs in Val de Creuse

August 30: Look for Me in The Boulangerie: Tales of Friendship on the Camino de Santiago

September 1: Dawn and Dusk in St. Leonard Noblat and Limoges: 2 Days on the Camino de Santiago

September 4: 5 Sounds You Hear on The Camino de Santiago

September 5: A Euphoric Epiphany in Dordogne

September 6: Going Paleolithic in Perigord

September 10: Bells and Thunder

September 12: Tramping Through Vineyards: Three Days in Aquitaine

September 13: Gray Twilight

September 15: Looking Within

September 17: A Thousand Years Frozen in Stone: The Abbey of Saint Sever

September 18: I Climbed A Grain Silo Yesterday

September 19: Soaked

September 22: Climbing the Foothills of Basque Country

September 24: Through the Pyrenees: St. Jean Pied de Port – Roncesvalles on the Camino de Santiago

September 25: 5 Perfect Pintxos from Pamplona

September 26: Mastering the Art of the Siesta in Navarra

September 27: Poets, Revolutionaries, and Pilgrims: Graffiti on the Camino de Santiago

October 2: Intermission (and Inertia) in Logrono

October 7: Experiencing Technical Difficulties

October 7: Burgos and Its Cathedral

October 7: Close Encounters with Fireworks and Drunken Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago

October 8: Falling Asleep by Candlelight: La Ermita de San Nicolas

October 10: Stillness and Silence

October 14: The Nameless—But Brilliant—Master Sculptor of Leon

October 16: The Richest Man in the World

October 17: Memories in the Clouds at Cruz de Ferro

October 20: A Single Step

October 23: Rising to the Challenge—and Taking the Road Less Traveled—at Dragonte

October 26: The End of the Road, and What it Means

8 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago

  1. Nathan, Sant Iago (Saint Yacov) was a Jew who unwittingly became the patron saint of Spain. You’re completely understood for the allure the Camino and Spain has on you. Our Landsmen, aside from times of religious upheavals from extremists, enjoyed a rich intellectual, entrepreneurial and religious environment in the Iberian peninsula during the medieval period that was unparalleled in our history. It’s no wonder that the Sephardic pronunciation of Hebrew today retains that intellectual stamp.

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