Experiencing Technical Difficulties


At some point, this was bound to happen: The Camino de Santiago has worn out the two pairs of socks I brought, torn an increasingly bigger hole in the crotch of my shorts, stained my shirts with dirt, sweat and wine (truly an aspect unique to the Camino), and finally taken my laptop as its victim. It hardly operates for longer than an hour without overheating, and has been disconnecting itself at random from the internet—which explains why I haven’t been able to post in days. Today I’m fortunate enough that it seems to be working alright, but it’s been a frustrating experience for me to go so long without sharing with you all. In a few days I will be in Leon, and will probably buy a new one that can actually last the duration of my trip. Thanks for standing by.

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10 thoughts on “Experiencing Technical Difficulties

  1. You may have to resort to the old fashioned way of writing about your experience – paper and pencil! Hope not, I enjoy reading about your experiences.

  2. I wondered where you had gone! I empathise, having exactly the same problems here in my cosy home – so no matter what kind of adventure you are on technology will find a way to screw with you 🙂 I’m hoping mine can be cajoled into restarting for another couple of weeks til the sales start…… and you may have a new one already. Good luck with it! Missing your tales of life on the road 🙂

  3. Hola Nathan.

    I just read your description of La Ermita de San Nicolo.
    Thank you.
    I felt as though I was still walking The Camino vicariously through you.
    Your experience with the gracious sounding Italian men at the refugio reminded me of a similar experience I had had in Tosantos. One of the most amazing things I found on the Camino was the fact that so many hospitalieros
    made such an effort to ensure that you were having a fulfilling Camino experience.
    When I left the Camino in Burgos, I literally felt ripped away from my pilgrimage.
    I felt as though a part of me was being left behind.
    I wish you all the best along the way.
    It was lovely to meet you and if I was twenty years younger ….

    Take good care

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