Ode To Tel Aviv

Oh, Tel Aviv

Headed to Tel Aviv

You sun-splashed Mediterranean jewel

Downtown Tel Aviv

Where green means “Go” and red means “Go faster”

Hookah on Tel Baruch Cliffs

Where they smoke sheeshah in style

Graffiti near Central Bus Station, South Tel Aviv

Where robots watch you from above

Shakshuka <3

Where they take breakfast to the next level

.In Ramat Aviv

From the well-heeled avenues of Ramat Aviv

Tel Aviv / Florentine

To the dusty back alleys of Florentine

Tel Baruch Cliffs

From the breezy shores of Tel Baruch

Strolling down Ben Yehuda

To the horn-honking cacophony of Ben Yehuda Street

Anarchist Squat?

I salute you, Tel Aviv

Typical Allenby Scene

For your hipsters and used bookstores and outdoor cafes

Wandering Shuq HaCarmel

For your seething mass of humanity in Shuq HaCarmel

Violinist on King George St

For your street performers, street art, and street food

Kibbe stand, Shuq HaCarmel

(Perhaps most of all, for street food)

Go Purim Or Go Home

For your epic street parties–

Tycho Sunset @ Tel Baruch

Tel Aviv, you are simply too much. I love you.

And I will be back.

6 thoughts on “Ode To Tel Aviv

    1. Thank you! Tel Aviv is definitely near the top of my list of cities I’ve visited. I’ve also heard it’s got a similar vibe to Beirut, which is another place I would love to go to–albeit with an Israeli passport stamp things could get dicey. Have you been to either Israel or Lebanon before?

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