Swallowed Footsteps

I haven’t written any poetry in a while, but thanks in part to the prompting of a friend on Facebook, I decided to use my recent visit to Skuleskogen National Park in Northern Sweden as inspiration for a poem. I wrote it with this track in mind–start playing it before you read it. If you like this, I might start writing more poetry on the blog. Thanks!

Sun turns yellow leaves amber,

casts long shadows

between tall trees, silent giants whose withered bark

Bear the scars of leaden winters.

Time crawls

steadily through opaque snow,

Shining droplets from a struck hare

Trailing vermillion til the dusky sands

Of the seashore.

Rocks and hollow splinters of driftwood,

Tall yellow grasses crackling elegaically,

The timbre of waves endlessly lapping

At the waters edge.

Come forth, back into the curtain of the forest,

Trampling nettles, berries the color of blood,

Minty fronds of leaves, cool evergreen moss

That swallows footsteps as they cross the ancient rift.

Lone Pine, Skuleskogen

Autumnal leaves


Splitting the forest

Shadows fall, reflections stay

Sunset in Skuleskogen

Le Chalet

Sunrise in Skuleskogen

Sunlight striped trees

6 thoughts on “Swallowed Footsteps

  1. Really beautiful Nathan, especially all of it together: the music, your words, the photos. Really evokes a strong sense of atmosphere. Well done!

  2. This is beautiful, Nathan! Very fitting words for such majestic scenery. Definitely keep it up; you have a talent for words.

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