Photojournal of Rome, Day 1: Pantheon, S. Maria Sopra Minerva, Trevi Fountain, Campo de Fiori

Almost 9 months after leaving home, I have established a temporary home base in the heart of Rome with my dad, step-mother, and step-grandmother in tow. Besides being very happy to see them because I missed them, I was especially happy to have a replacement camera for my tragically short-lived one, which I dropped while at a music festival in the Sahara. To reciprocate for the mostly photo-less blog posts I’ve been making lately, I’ve decided to keep a photo diary of our 5 day stay here in Rome. A map with the location of all the places photographed will appear at the bottom of the page should you wish to try those amazing amaretto cookies yourself 🙂


Parents in the Pantheon

There's a hole up there

Campo de Fiori

Calcio, S. Maria Sopra Minerva

Nave Elevation, S. Maria Sopra Minerva

Cristo della Minerva, Michelangelo

Side chapel, S. Maria Sopra Minerva

Rose window, S. Maria Sopra Minerva

Ascension of S. Ignatius Loyola

Trevi Fountain

You don't say.

Near Campo de Fiori

Through the alleyway

Best amaretto cookie ever

Best bookstore name, ever

If you’re interested in Rome, things artistic, historical, or a combination of both, find yourself dreaming of Italian food, or have a macabre fascination with near-death Vespa experiences, you might want to stick around this blog for the next week or so. After that I make no promises. Click the “Follow!” button in the upper right-hand corner to start receiving updates every time I post something new. Ciao!

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