10 Things Europeans Are Thinking When You Tell Them You’re From California

When I left the USA almost 10 months ago I had a few thoughts expectations for what Europeans would be like. While I’ve had enough time to reject certain stereotypes–the French are down to earth and the furthest thing from arrogant–and solidify others–the Irish will drink til Judgment Day–when I encounter Europeans who are meeting someone from California for the first time there are usually a handful of things on their mind. If there’s anything I missed in this list, feel free to add your own in the comments below!

1. You know how to surf, right?

Groovy Surf Board Dude!

2. So how often do you smoke?

field of queens

3. You must live near Disneyland!


4. Palm trees…everywhere.

Palm Tree Lined Streets in Beverly Hills

5. How many celebrities have you met?

Hollywood Walk of Fame

6. You seem about the right shade of tan.

Me in Vigo

7. Wait, Arnold Schwarzenegger actually was your governor? That wasn’t a joke?

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

8. Maybe we can switch passports?

In honor of critters we've almost killed off

9. How does it feel to be part of the same country as Texas? (On second thought, keep your passport)

Big Guns

10. Now that you’re here, can you find my country on a map?

Old Map (62)



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