Photojournal of Rome, Day 2: San Clemente, The Colosseum, Ciuri Ciuri, S. Maria Maggiore, Palatine Hill, Trattoria Armando al Pantheon

Day 2 of my family’s visit to Rome found us lunching in a bustling trattoria called Luzzi after our visit to the Colosseum. We had just been served when I made a catastrophic error which I should’ve known better not to do. There was a bowl of Parmesan in front of me and I sprinkled some on top of the veal. Our waitress, a rambunctious woman who peered down her glasses at us as we ordered–not unlike my favorite professor at Brandeis used to when you were struggling to analyze a passage in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales–saw me commit this heinous act and practically swooned with grief. My understanding of Italian is pretty basic at this point, and my parents’ even less so, but all of us understood perfectly the terrible thing I had just done. Parmesan is NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, for putting on a plate of veal (it was cooked in Marsala, so there really was no place for the cheese). I apologized profusely, she sighed deeply, and turned around in a huff.

Anyways, here is Rome, Day 2; check out the map at the end of the post to see exactly where Luzzi is (and don’t put Parmesan on your veal).

Freshly squeezed

Coffering detail, S Clemente

View from the Plebian level

Stairway, Colosseum

View of Palatine Hill from Colosseum

The Colosseum

Zuppa Fagioli, Luzzi

Rome Metro

Pistachio Cannoli, Ciuri Ciuri

Assorted Pastries, Ciuri Ciuri

More Pastries, Ciuri Ciuri

S Maria Maggiore

5th C. Mosaics, S Maria Maggiore

Nave, S Maria Maggiore

Triumph of Vaspatian, Arch of Titus

Basilica of Maxentius

Parakeets on Palatine Hill

The Vatican Says Hello

Ruins at Torre de Argentina

Eggplant Parm, Armando al Pantheon

White Truffle Pasta, Armando al Pantheon

Fillet of Grouper with Artichokes

Roman artichokes, Armando al Pantheon

Frozen Custard, Armando al Pantheon

Violin Shop

If you’re interested in Rome, things artistic, historical, or a combination of both, find yourself dreaming of Italian food, or have a macabre fascination with near-death Vespa experiences, you might want to stick around this blog for the next few days. After that I make no promises. Click the “Follow!” button in the upper right-hand corner to start receiving updates every time I post something new. Ciao!

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