Sunday Is Market Day In Toulouse


I realize today is not Sunday; it’s not even Monday. Such is life when your laptop is kaput. Let’s add my almost-new camera to the list!


Before my camera lens decided it was not quite as fixed as some dudes in Rabat led me to believe, it did manage to capture the spontaneity and variety of the St. Aubin Sunday Market in Toulouse.


If you’re a Medieval art nerd like I am then chances are you know this city because of its glorious Romanesque basilica St. Sernin. This isn’t an art history post though so I’ll let my friend Dennis at Via Lucis elaborate with his typical eloquence and flair the history of the thousand-year old church.


If you’re curious as to why I now consider Toulouse to be one of my favorite European cities, then I present to you a public market that blew my mind (and taste buds, naturally) away. Apologies for the lack of captions, but I’m sort of in a hurry and you can probably figure this stuff out yourself!











OK, I do need to write a brief caption here, because this guy was awesome. He had this assortment of musical instruments spread out like a buffet of sorts for kids to try playing. I love the idea of introducing children to music in a fun and relaxed setting because when I was 8 my parents enrolled me in a piano lesson course that I soon disliked. Making music fun and carefree surely encourages children to take up instruments on their own! If nothing else it makes a lot of people very happy.


Another caption: REAL empanadas. The guys on the truck were Chilean, I believe.





OF = Onions + Fromage (cheese, for those who don’t speak French)







Thanks to my lovely hosts Pablo and Ola – for introducing me to their friends, taking me to the market;


And for improvising lunch, despite not having the right pasta at hand 🙂

Do you have a thing for farmers’ markets, old violin-wielding men who introduce children to the beauty of music, and delicious empanadas? Perhaps my blog can be of assistance to you. Follow my blog-it’s free, and I don’t believe in spam–click on the “Follow!” button up there on the right for updates on my travels and inspiration for the next time you go somewhere new!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Is Market Day In Toulouse

      1. I think I went to Saunt Aubin a few times… though I mostly remember a great book market in place St Etienne; not sure if the market still exists, but it was one of my favorite areas of Toulouse! It really IS a great city, I’m glad you got the chance to go there!

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