Ode To Copenhagen

That's Not Laundry

To Copenhagen:

Assistens Kirkegaard

To your tree-lined parkways

On the water

And your lakeside quays.


To your bustling boulevards,

Ow youre hurting me.

Your graffiti-clad facades,

St. Peder's Bakery

Your bakeries full of sweets

Park in Norebro

And hip outdoor mods.

Nut "bread" (gluten free), We Do Food

To gluten-free,



Some insane thrill ride

And free-falling.

Poached egg, Swiss chard, buckwheat, braised onion.

To New Nordic cuisine

Salmon with salad of leaves and elderflowers

So good it’s appalling!

Distortion in Vesterbro

To getting Distorted


To raving,

Agnes Obel @ Tivoli

To beautiful music.

Distorted couchsurfer

To drunk friends on couches

Packed for distortion

And people getting stupid.

Tivoli at sunset

Goodbye, Copenhagen. Thanks for the memories.

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8 thoughts on “Ode To Copenhagen

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    1. Oh God, what have I done?? It is the MOST EXPENSIVE place I’ve been to in Europe so far. The scary thing is that the Danes say that Sweden is cheaper for food but much pricier for booze, and that Norway makes Denmark look cheap for everything. It makes me kind of want to avoid those places 😦 Luckily I’m in Sardinia for the next week so prices have gone back to normal, or just about.

      1. Yeah, it’s definitely not because there’s nothing to see.

        Unfortunately there aren’t really alternatives to visiting Scandinavia either–I mean, Holland does have great design and architecture and is modern much in the same way that Norway or Sweden are, but it costs way less to go there.

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