Sevilla Is Too Beautiful For Words

Bell Towers

Sevilla is the crown jewel of the south–it’s the capital and largest city of Andalucia.

Las Setas

I spent four days here and set foot on ground trod by Romans and on slightly newer things, like these giant mushrooms, which provide an excellent view of the city.


I have to thank the lovely folks at Oasis Hostel Sevilla for giving me a great home base from which to explore the city.

Sunset in Sevilla

Sevilla is beautiful at any time of day, but I think I prefer sunset the most.

Guadalqivir at night

Then again, Sevilla at night is pretty special, too.

Rabo del toro

A local specialty is rabo del toro, or in English, braised oxtail stew. It’s spicy, savory, and the meat melts on your mouth.

Lit up

Like Córdoba to the north, Sevilla was once home to a melting pot of Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

Altar, Sevilla Cathedral

The towering Cathedral of Sevilla once was a mosque. It’s also the third-largest church structure in the world.

Virgin in Heaven, Sevilla Cathedral

The interior is filled with late Gothic stained glass.

Blank wall, cathedral

There’s just enough blank space left on the walls to keep the place from feeling oversaturated with gold and color!

Sevilla from La Giralda

One of my favorite aspects of the cathedral is its tower, which affords spectacular views of Sevilla in all directions.

Elevated Persepective

The tower itself is covered in elegant sculpture, and its windows are crowned with elegant figurative capitals.

Overlooking the orange patio

Just like at Córdoba there is a large patio in the shadow of the cathedral, and it is overflowing with oranges–you can smell them when the breeze blows the right way.

Red white and blue

Even clothes hanging out to dry have an ethereal quality to them.


This is the roof of the cathedral, a patchwork of burnt clay tiles, yellow weeds poking through the cracks, and wasted white patches of bird excrement.

Interior to exterior

Unlike most of Europe during February, Sevilla is warm and sunny enough to walk around outside without a jacket on. The shade is most welcome here.

Fountain, Sevilla Cathedral

There are fountains everywhere though–maybe for impromptu splash fights on really hot days?

Tiny Hummingbird

There are unexpectedly beautiful treasures everywhere in Sevilla, like this hummingbird, the smallest one I have ever seen.


Musicians cover the streets like the many oranges that fall to the ground in the spring, blanketing the city with their sweetness.

Vida y Agua

Occasionally, the streets line up perfectly and “Water” and “Life” intersect. In case you’re wondering, there’s a bar on that corner–probably not serving water.

El Pintor Ramon

This humble painter has a stupendous eye for color and sells his work for almost nothing. Dad, check the mail in about a week.

Plaza del toros

The bullfighting ring is blindingly white on a clear sunny day.

The runners

There was a marathon happening in Sevilla.

Aftermath of a marathon

You would have guessed that merely by seeing what the streets looked like.

Typically Sevilla

Much farther out of the center were rows of stately white houses with lemon and orange trees planted in front.

Plaza de España

The Plaza de España is quite expansive and you can rent boats to row through the canal in the middle.

La Juderia

Not too far from Plaza de España is the old Jewish ghetto.

Inner courtyard, Alcazar

Not too far from the old Jewish ghetto is the stunning Alcazar de Sevilla, the oldest royal palace in Europe still used as a residence. Parts of it are thirteen centuries old–it is a testament to the Golden Age of Spain.


Intricate caligraphy covers its walls.

All is quiet

Its halls undulate endlessly across numerous courtyards, gardens, and fountains.

Reading nook, Alcazar

I sat here on my last day in the city and read a great book.

Courtesy of Rey del Bocadillos

Before I caught my bus south, I found a hole in the wall that made the best bocadillo (sandwich) I’ve had in Spain.

I know Sevilla is too beautiful for words, but I guess 600 will do 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Sevilla Is Too Beautiful For Words

  1. Lots of interesting photos, I kind of want to go there myself one day but your last photo was just too much for a guy on a diet!
    Looks like breaded fish, ham and cheese…

    The second picture, from what I remember of it from other pictures that I have seen it is made of wood and slots together like a big Ikea sculpture. You have just got to admire the Spaniards for their taste in modern art and engineering.

    1. Even better than that my friend, it was breaded chicken, ham and cheese! And it cost me less than 3 euros!

      Las Setas (the mushroom sculpture) are made of a combination of wood and metal. Quiet fascinating to look at, plus they give you a free drink at the top. I would have to agree with you–not only is the Spanish taste for modern design exquisite, so is their excuse to always add booze to everything!

  2. I enjoyed the tour of Sevilla, thank you. Your photos were lovely, captured all the close-up, distant, architectural, ancient and current aspects of the city.

      1. No, I haven’t been to Sevilla. What I pondered the most, after looking over the photos, was the big mushroom. It’s so different from the old architecture, and I wondered if it fits in despite how different it is.

      2. It’s funny you think that, because my first impression when I heard about it was “there’s no way it fits in with everything else.” But when you see it up close it somehow does–maybe it’s just that when you’re all the way on top you don’t notice it anyways because the panorama grabs your attention!

  3. One of the things I love about Europe, is the abundance of water fountains. The isolated one in your photo collection was beautiful. Lovely pictures too!

  4. Loved this stroll down memory lane. You definitely captured the look and feel of Seville. One of these days I will blog more about my travels with the photos of Spain. Loved the format for this post.

    My favorite view in Seville was the Cathedral lit up at night from the rooftop terrace bar across the street. Truly amazing.

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