I Found Summer in Your Eyes

At the Window

The sky around us was gray and the rain fell,
Droplets of cold, grieving as they exploded into fine mist
And dissolved into the dusky Parisian afternoon.
Wind cut through barren branches of denuded trees
A sad flock of pigeons cooed woefully from their naked perches
Eulogizing the absence of green leaves and budding blossoms.

I looked into your cobalt eyes and saw the light
Captured in them when you smiled, the glint of
Sunshine, saw fields of lazy daffodils and dandelions.
I became lost in your eyes, dove into them
And plunged my hands into wet earth sown with seed
As I emerged from the womb of your sight.
There was a breeze blowing through you:
Conduit of spring, catalyst of summer
A bounty of lush sweet grass and warm wind
Beckoning from the sight of your sparkling eyes.

And when I kissed your lips I plunged into a silence
That was red and soft, enveloping and warm
It banished the desolate winter chill and melted away the ice
And a silent harmony returned to the world, there was music again
The funereal solemnity of the January sky turned briefly
To the floral bliss of April, whose sweet showers
Drenched us as we kissed in rhapsodic bliss
And left our clasped hands pulsing with the sanguine
Knowledge of the fiery summer that coursed through us.

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