5 Hedonistic Desserts in San Francisco & Where to Find Them

Have you ever had one of those days were you said to yourself “screw it, I feel like eating nothing but ice cream and cookies today, self-respect and healthy diet be damned?” Good, that makes more than one of us. It’s not like yesterday was terrible or something, I just wanted to indulge and have fun on my last day in the city. With my gracious hostess/willing partner in gluttony Sara by my side, we set off in search of dessert Valhalla. And by the grace of Barefoot Contessa’s mighty rubber pastry spatula, we found it.

Chocolate Croissant at Tartine:



Strawberry & Pistachio Cake with Olive Oil and Sable at Craftsman & Wolves:



Chocolate Shot at TCHO:


Lemon Thyme Doughnut at Red Door Coffee:



Yuca Beignets with Dulce de Leche dipping sauce at Pica Pica:



And if you want to know where exactly these places are, here you go:

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