Six Goals for the USA vs Guatemala!


Last night, my dad, my brother Eli, stepbrother Ben, and I were lucky enough to catch the US Men’s national soccer team absolutely steamroll the Guatemalan national team. Since it was just an exhibition match–and against Guatemala, ranked 93rd in the world–I wouldn’t take the result as a serious measure of how good the US is, but for pure entertainment, it was definitely fun to watch. None of us own any US Soccer jerseys but I wore a US Flag and Ben wore perhaps the most American garment ever made, the Snuggie. We were literally right behind the goal the US was attacking in the second half, so we got to see 5 goals up close and personal. My personal favorite was when Stuart Holden effortlessly lobbed the ball to Landon Donovan for a classy side-footed shot. After the 5th goal, with only about 5 minutes left, people started jokingly chanting “Uno Mas,” and when, sure enough, the USA scored number six, there was a lot of delirious screaming and gratuitous high-fives to go around. Even President Obama had a great time.

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