The first 2 days of Liberation: New York and Reykjavik

Hey readers! I’ve been mulling over my upcoming journey but with the exception of New York I haven’t been to any of these other places, so for those of you who are familiar with any of these locales, I’d really, really love your input! Here is the first part of my itinerary:

Wednesday, August 7: San Diego to New York. Layover from 2:50 PM to 11:49 PM.
Thursday, August 8: New York to Reykjavik. Arriving at 9:25 AM.           Friday, August 9: Reykjavik to London. Leaving at 7:05 PM.

I have a couple ideas for what I would like to do, but nothing is set in stone:

New York: I’m going to assume that getting from JFK into the city will probably take up to an hour, and I’m giving myself another two hours to get back to the airport, go through security, and board my flight, which leaves me with a total of six hours to wander. I know Manhattan pretty well, but apart from a brief visit to Williamsburg for an Italian festival a few years ago I have never been to Brooklyn. There are so, so many different restaurants, art galleries, bookstores, and other random places that it’s a little overwhelming to even think of a couple, so if you’ve been to Brooklyn or know someone who lives/work there, let me know!

Reykjavik: I’m really excited to be flying through Iceland because it’s a) cheaper than flying to other places b) beautiful. I haven’t figured out my accommodations yet, but I’m leaning toward staying at Kex Hostel, an oasis of high-end style that is revolutionizing the concept of backpackers’ hostels. For most of my trip, I do want to couchsurf, but considering this will be my first night in Europe, a little luxury can’t hurt. As for things to do in Iceland, on my first day I really want to visit the legendary Blue Lagoon, but for the cost of 40 Euros, not including transportation to get there (an extra $20 USD), seems a little high. Thingvellir National Park is one of Iceland’s three national parks (it’s the closest of them to the city) and offers free guided tours. So that seems like a really good option as well. I think the second day of my stay will be better spent meandering around the city, since I do have to be at the airport by late afternoon.

So, that concludes this post. What do you think I should do? Have any cool places in Brooklyn in mind? Have you been to the Blue Lagoon? Let me know!

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