Sunny Skies, Girls in Shorts, and Hodad’s … Must be Ocean Beach

Today was destined to be a boring day until my good friend Nick informed me that the 34th Annual Ocean Beach Street Fair and Chili Cook-Off was going on. For those of you not from San Diego, Ocean Beach is a grungy paradise just south of Sea World where surfers, bums (sometimes they’re one and the same), hipsters, and tourists come together. The street fair had the usual assortment of artisan stalls, overpriced greasy/fried food booths, and eccentric looking people. Because it was located in Ocean Beach, we were also able to peruse some really awesome places, including Happy Healthy High Horny Herb Company (quite possibly the most friendly multi-national company ever), The Black, and naturally, Hodad’s, because why pay $10 for a sub-par gyro sandwich when you can have one of the best burgers on the West Coast for less? And when their onion rings can make you do this, you’re really getting the best deal possible.

Nick bought a couple things for his parents, I bought a scallop shell for the Camino (now I just have to drill a hole in it so I can string it onto my pack), and then we met up with some of his friends. Today was one of those gorgeous San Diego days that I missed so much during my time in Boston, and it made walking around the streets, sitting on the beach, and strolling along the pier an absolute pleasure. There was also a pretty decent Flogging Molly cover band, and an amateur skateboarding contest–emphasis on amateur, with the exception of one guy, who pulled off a trick that my point-and-shoot caught with surprising ease.

The only thing we didn’t get to do was visit nearby Azucar, which has perfected the newest junk food sensation, The Cronut. Just as we arrived on the scene, staff members were closing up shop, apparently because of the fair. The whole episode was perplexing–surely they didn’t think they would somehow lose business just because the street was closed off to cars? Whatever the reason, it means that Nick and I will be back.

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5 thoughts on “Sunny Skies, Girls in Shorts, and Hodad’s … Must be Ocean Beach

  1. Onion rings are seriously a small obsession of mine. I scour everywhere I eat for the most perfect onion ring, and those, I must admit, look absolutely delicious! I’ve never had the pleasure of Hodad’s, but I’ll mark it down as a place to check out!

  2. Hey Teresa! I’m not a big onion ring junky–not really obsessed with fries either–but when they’er good, they’re GOOD. Since you’ve never been to Hodad’s, when you do get the chance to go, don’t get freaked out by the long line of people waiting to get a table. You can walk right in and place your order to go. Since the OB pier is literally a 2 minute walk from Hodad’s you can just eat your lunch there!

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