Neither Awake Nor Asleep: Hong Kong At 4:30 AM

Neon lights, weary shopkeepers, a few ambling drunks, and a mysterious umbrella.

An American In Basilicata

Struggling with directions and bus schedules.

The Best Neopolitan Pizza I Ever Ate

The best pizza from Naples. Sort of.

4 Hit-And-Miss Towns In Molise, An Italian Region You’ve Never Heard Of

Molise? Molise.

Remembering The Camino 1 Year Later

Coming to terms with the memories I am left with and the meaning behind the ones that fade away.

The Art Of Living Slowly: 3 Days In Rural Abruzzo

Unplugging in a medieval hilltop town in central Italy

I’m Not Cut Out For This Shit: My Brief Stay With Milanese Anarchists

There will probably never be an anarchist revolution, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the world a better place.

Stumbling Into Neo-Nazis (Oh, And There Was A Football Match Too)

To most of us, it’s just a game. For a bunch of thugs in ski masks, it’s more than that. Shame their team sucks.

Swallowed Footsteps

I wrote a poem in the woods.

STUCK: 7 Days Hitch-Hiking Through The Icelandic Wilderness (Day 7)

A quick ride into Reykjavik, shower and laundry (at last!), and one last ride to the airport.