sometimes i wonder if we’re being too optimistic about this being the “late stage” part of capitalism and that this system will outlast the lives of every single person who will ever read this.

it is entirely possible that we will live our entire lives as slaves to a system that breaks so many people to enrich so few.
it is also entirely possible that before our lives end we will see capitalism destroy itself.

it is doing that as we speak. this is the anthropocene. in my own lifetime, barely 30 years, our planet has changed and become more inhospitable to life. i grew up in southern california, barely experiencing wildfires. they were an anomaly. now they happen every summer. there is smoke in the sky for months rather than a week or two.

the same changes are happening everywhere, and they are happening with incredible violence and swiftness.

as this century progresses, things are only going to get worse. even if democracy is restored in the USA, they will still probably get worse, because the kind of measures necessary to stop this runaway freight train are unlikely to come out of the party of joe biden, vice president during the regime that presided over the deepwater horizon oil spill of 2010, of the brutality at standing rock in 2016. believe me, i would love to be wrong.

nothing is being done to mitigate the extreme circumstances of our planet’s climate becoming more chaotic, and the consequences will be that we will have enormous amounts of climate refugees due to fire, flood, drought, etc.

the protests we have seen this year across the country because of blm are a fraction of what we will see when the injustices wrought upon black people in this country are experienced by almost everyone. when people truly have nothing to lose, they revolt.

7 years ago (how time flies) i walked down a road in belfast that was covered in murals. one of them featured a quote from bobby sands.

it said: “our revenge will be the laughter of our children.”

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