This Is Split. This Is Home. (Part 1)

This is split.

Morning from my room

More specifically, this is Spinut.

Typical apartments in Spinut

Spinut is a middle-class neighborhood wedged north of Split’s tourist-packed old town (The Palace, as it is affectionately dubbed by locals).

N-S Inside the Palace

And south of Gradski Stadion, where Hajduk play.

Gradski Stadion, Hajduk Split

To the west is a big green park called Marjan.

Deep inside Marjan

If you go east from Spinut there’s nothing but urban sprawl til you hit mountains.

Late January Clouds

Whether they care about sports or not, everyone supports Hajduk Split, the unofficial mascot of Dalmatia.

Hajduk Banner

For the month of January I called this City my home. That’s My building on the right.

Dusk in Spinut

Most afternoons, if you take a walk through Spinut you’ll see kids skateboarding or kicking a football amongst the long corridors formed by the building columns.

.Casual graffiti

Getting to the palace from Spinut takes about fifteen minutes on foot. The first thing you do is pass a schoolyard.

The schoolyard

An old snack bar covered in illiterate scrawl and faded candy bar labels pasted to its broken windows sits quietly on a corner.

Old snack bar

After the snack bar the sidewalk is covered by trellises of ivy.


I never really learned the names of streets, but this one means I’ve made it halfway to the Palace

Corner house

The Old Market is by the Palace, but if I’m too lazy to walk all the way there this one delivers the goods.

Local green market

Just another glorious day at home in Spinut!


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