A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words. Berlin Is Worth 1,000 Pictures.

Berlin is a city with many sides to it.

Brandenburg Gate @ 630 AM on a Saturday.

It is steeped in history,

Old section of the wall.

brimming with ethnic cuisine,

The perfect lunch

full of underground bars,

Random Berlin bar.

alive well past midnight;

Somewhere at 3 AM

It’s the type of place where the party ends the next day.

Selfie outside Suicide Circus

Berlin is gentrification,

In Mitte.




2 Humping Rhinos

and contemplation.

Passing through the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

You can find anything here–even Mexican food that tastes like home.

Carne @ TinTan

If you’re skeptical, try the habanero salsa at TinTan and you’ll fall in love with your mouth aflame.

Quesadilla w/ chile poblano, TinTan

The architecture of Berlin is immense–from cardboard boxes

Cardboard box sculpture, art university

to Neo-Classical churches,

Berliner Dom

to 2,000+ year-old Babylonian city gates,

30 Ishtar Gate

to Cold War era collectives,

The last collective on Kastanienallee

and Space-Age towers.

Headed east.

Berlin has given me house parties til dawn,

Aftermath of Franziskus' party

strange art in random places,

Random student sculpture in art university

and baklava around every corner.

Baklava in Leopoldplatz

Berlin has chewed me up, spit me out, and given me life. And even though I’m not gone yet, I already miss this incredible city.

After a night of partying and a long bike ride back

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