Everyone Telling You To Quit Your Job And Travel Is Missing The Point

Something from yours truly.

Thought Catalog

Lately, the Internet has become littered in a never-ending sequence of “You Should Travel Now” and “100 Places to Visit Before You Die” inspirational articles written by people who, like me, left their old lives/jobs/responsibilities behind for a life of travel and adventure. Pure existential angst has a role in the current spate of travel bloggers telling you to take the leap. Tales of late night debauchery in exotic places aside, we are normal people, and like most people ever we are afraid of death and the immutable sentence of eternity—nothingness, afterlife, or reincarnation, whatever you believe—that it brings. In the search to live a life that is not fraught with Cormac McCarthy-esque despair, we travel because it brings joy, satisfaction, and freedom to our lives that we previously lacked. Using my own experience as an example, I was stuck in a job I didn’t like and in an unfulfilling…

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