In Another Universe

Take my heart but please dont break it

Has it been almost two weeks since we met? I feel like it was a lifetime ago. It amazes me that our paths crossed the way they did; you were delayed an extra day by your passport, I nearly took a train directly to Paris from Lille after it seemed like no one would pick me up by the side of the road. In another universe your passport came on time, and I never got the ride to Amiens. In another universe you would be somewhere in Germany right now and I would probably not have spent five days here in Biarritz, watching the waves smash against the rocks, getting soaked by sudden tempests of rain, waking up next to you every morning and admiring the light playing across your hair.


Life is a chaotic and unpredictable place to be, and it makes it all the more amazing that we found each other amidst the flux and created order out of nothing. Entropy is calling us back, though, and in two hours I will be on the train south to Madrid while you go north to Switzerland. It is a sad thing saying goodbye almost as soon as we met; we knew from the very beginning that this was nothing more than a fling, but it does not change the incredible love that we found in so short a time.

I would like to think we met each other at one of the best moments in each others’ lives; that we were pure white light and for a brief moment two beams became one. At the same time that I wish we could keep going, the universe is calling us back onto different paths. And as sad as I am that we will go our separate ways, I am excited for what the future holds: for you, as you go on what is sure to be a life-changing journey to India and prepare for university next year, and for me, as I continue southward in search of Andalusian sunshine. Thank you for being my white light.

3 thoughts on “In Another Universe

  1. Aloha my world traveler,

    You and your white light are welcome half way across the globe……

    I have followed much of your journey. The BEST chapter was the one when you didn’t come home, as planned.

    Don’t forget, I am looking for a person who can sale a lifestyle, not a product. I am also looking for another person who can organize all the various components of a business and never loose sight of the joy of life, that only a few would value as a spectacular way to live!

    Share this with your precious one and consider life across the ocean blue.

    Enough esoteric… me when you want to do something between your travels and the straight jacket of your previous life. :))))


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