Many Miles Traveled: A Photojournal of Day 2 in London

I really want to write a witty and uber-descriptive post of my epic bike ride around London today, but after covering an unholy amount of miles (albeit by bike) I’m simply too exhausted to do that. So instead, I whittled down the 183 photos I took today to an easier-to-digest 22, and included captions on all of them, so all you have to do is hover and you’ll know where I was! For you masochists out there who might be interested in replicating my journey, I’ve mapped out the route I took today–all 26.2 Miles. Here is what my day looked like, in chronological order:

Kensington Garden Square - aka home for now

Camden Town

I found some cool places in Camden, including this record store

One of my favorite movies, ever.

Inside Camden Market

Amazing fish n chips from Poppies in Camden Town

I've seen grass on rooftops, but not on the sides of walls.

St. Paul's Cathedral-Got in for free because it was Sunday!

National Courts of Justice

Trafalgar Square, as seen from the National Portrait Gallery

The magnificent Shard

The Tower Bridge, as seen from London Bridge

Tower of London

Queen Mary University

An old Sephardic Jewish cemetary

Real Budweiser beer!

The Gherkin.

Just some old Gothic ruins, chillin in the financial district.

A cool random tower near a police station

King's Cross Station--too lazy to see 9 3/4 for myself, so I just took a picture.

The Guardian/Observer HQ?

The most amazing VEGAN dark chocolate gelato I have ever tasted - @ Snowflake Gelato

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