Stop Making Excuses and Do Something Amazing With Your Life!

This great article is titled “A Friendly Reminder That Your Summer is Half Over,” but you could substitute “summer” for “life,” “youth,” or “your metaphysical being” and it would be just as valid. If you’re like most people, you have probably squandered time watching meaningless TV shows, worked a well-paying but uninspiring 9-5 job, or spent countless hours living vicariously through that one Facebook friend you met in Spanish class sophomore year in college who is now traveling the world and littering your timeline with daily reminders of how awesome her life is. You may have accumulated debt, you may have a relationship you feel strongly about, or you may have some other half-cocked, weak excuse for staying put. There really is no excuse. I promise you, staying behind and letting things continue as they are now will make you more jaded and unhappy in the future. Start reading other travel blogs. Start saving your money, if you haven’t already. Start looking for cheap airfare to wherever it is you want to go. Sign up on websites that help you find work while abroad to offset your costs. And then, book your ticket, hand in your resignation at work, say goodbye to your friends and family, and jump.

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Your Thoughts?

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