Practice Trek #2: UC San Diego, Plus Signatures in Concrete

It’s been almost a week since my first practice hike and it was about time that I got back onto the road. Today I decided to go on a 12.5 mile loop around UC San Diego, before heading back home to make this for dinner (it was delicious, in case you were wondering).

Before sitting down to enjoy delicious fried chicken, I had to earn it out on the road/trail. I think I stood up to it pretty well, and on the plus side I was acquainted with UC San Diego, which I have only visited once or twice previously. If I hadn’t spent most of teenage years wanting to get out of town, I think UCSD would’ve been an awesome place to go to school! It’s a gorgeous campus, with wonderfully cutting-edge architecture–even the Brutalist style Geisel library is beautiful!

My hike was pretty uneventful until I entered what should have been the home stretch, where Genesee goes uphill before hitting Governor Drive. I encountered a ton of randomly etched signatures in the sidewalk heading downhill; most of them were dated from 1986, which makes sense, since I saw a marker nearby showing the concrete had last been set in that year. I decided on the spur of the moment to turn off onto a trail that ran parallel to the train tracks, and was rewarded with a bumpy, brambly path that I hopefully won’t have to deal with too much on the Camino in France and Spain. Eventually, I was able to stumble out of the canyon before it got dark, and was fortunate to enjoy a well-deserved dinner. Now, it’s time to pass out.Because of the limits that WordPress imposes on hosting photos, I’m going to be using Flickr for now, so if you’d like to see the pictures I took on this hike–including the concrete etchings–click here.

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